Manual Migration Steps for Enterprise Users


When an organization enrolls in SendSafely Enterprise Edition, existing SendSafely accounts associated with email addresses in the organization's domain are automatically migrated to the new enterprise plan.  An exception to this would be if the existing account was enrolled using an authentication provider (like OpenId) that the organization does not wish to allow.  For cases like these, affected users are notified and given the option to manually migrate their account to the new enterprise plan.  This article outlines the steps necessary to perform the manual migration.  

Manually migrating your account consists of the following two steps:

  • Archiving your active packages and temporarily de-activating your account
  • Re-activating your account within the new Enterprise Plan

What impact does the migration have?

In order to migrate your account you will need to archive all current active packages and file requests to temporarily deactivate the account. Activity associated with your account before the migration occurs will NOT be accessible by your organization administrator.  Once the account is re-activated, previously archived items in your history will still be viewable to you but all related files will not be accessible. 

Steps to Migrate your Account

In order to migrate your account, you'll need to perform the following steps.  

  • Log into and archive all active file requests and packages
  • Once you have archived all active items, go to the “Edit Profile” page
  • Deactivate your account by pressing the red “Deactivate Account” button
  • Re-register your account using the “Register Now” button from the login page

During the re-registration process, your account will be automatically joined to your organization’s enterprise account.

If you have been contacted by SendSafely about a mandatory account migration, and are concerned or have problems trying to manually convert your account, you should file a support ticket for assistance. 

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