What is SendSafely?


SendSafely was designed to provide a more secure way to exchange confidential files.  Unlike traditional file sharing platforms, SendSafely encrypts every file before it leaves your machine.  Even better, the encryption key is never sent to the server, which means only you and the people you share the encrypted link with will ever be able to decrypt the file.  So nobody can read your uploaded files...not even us!

SendSafely was originally developed by Gotham Digital Science (GDS).  GDS specialize in helping clients identify, prevent, and mitigate security bugs within their software and network infrastructure.  Security is what we eat, breath, and sleep.  In fact, the SendSafely project came about from our need to security transfer files with our clients.  We couldn’t find anything out there that met both their security needs and our needs, so we decided to build it.  For more information on GDS, visit their website at www.gdssecurity.com.

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