Hosted Dropzone Setup


The Hosted Dropzone lets you set up a secure dropbox that can be shared across a team of users.  Each user account owns their own Hosted Dropzone, which can be accessed and configured using the following two steps:  

Step 1 - Enable your Dropzone

Go to the Edit Profile screen and choose Dropzone from the left-hand side of the screen. Once selected, your Dropzone configuration options will be shown. By default, the Dropzone is OFF so you will need to set the switch to ON to enable the Dropzone and reveal your Hosted Dropzone URL. 

Step 2 - Configure Additional Recipients and File Expiration

By default, only you can access files uploaded to your Dropzone. If you want additional users to be able to access files uploaded through your Dropzone, you can add them using the "Add a Recipient" option on the Dropzone configuration screen.

You can also control how long the files are retained before they are deleted (up to 100 days) and restrict the type of files (by file extension) that are permitted to be uploaded. 


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