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The SendSafely Salesforce Service Cloud App is included in all enterprise plans and is available for free download from the Salesforce AppExchange

The purpose of these instructions are to assist Salesforce system administrators with the setup of the SendSafely Service Cloud Lightning Components after the SendSafely for Salesforce package has been successfully installed into the current Salesforce organization.

The core of the SendSafely Lightning components is a custom Canvas application, that runs as a Salesforce Connected Application. Setup Step 1 is for configuring the OAuth and access control policies for the SendSafely Canvas Application and Setup Step 2 walks through how to enable the SendSafely download and upload features of the Canvas application on a Lightning Case record page.  


Installation Notes:

Requirements: Service Cloud, Service Cloud Record page configured for Case object, Salesforce edition must have API access enabled

  • If you are installing into a Salesforce Sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the installation package URL with
  • If you have an existing version of the package already installed in your Salesforce edition, you may need to uninstall that version before proceeding with the installation of the current version. Before uninstalling you will first need to remove the existing SendSafely components from Case pages where they are setup.
  • Installation instructions are using the Salesforce Classic interface.


Step 1: Setup OAuth Policy & Profile Access for admin pre-authorization of approved users

This step is only required if the Salesforce system administrator is pre-authorizing the use of SendSafely for approved users.

Setup Steps:

  1. Navigate to Quick Find box -> Connected Apps and look for "SendSafely Canvas Application” in Master Label column
  2. Click the “Edit” link in the associated Action column
  3. Under OAuth policies, select “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” from the Permitted Users dropdown box setting. Click the Ok button when prompted.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page
  5. From the Connected Apps screen click "SendSafely Canvas Application” link in Master Label column
  6. Click “Manage Profiles” button under the Profiles section. Check off appropriate profile(s) that should have access to the application and click the Save button.

Connected App Detail page for SendSafely Canvas Application, highlighting “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” OAuth policy and an example profile configured for access to the application


Step 2: Prepare Lightning Case Record Page to Run SendSafely Components 

Setup SendSafely Lightning Component

This component allows downloading files from SendSafely that are associated with the Salesforce Case object from within the Salesforce Service Cloud interface.  

Setup Steps:

  1. Navigate to Quick Find box -> Lightning App Builder
  2. Edit the custom Lightning record page where the SendSafely application will run.
  3. Under Custom - Managed, you should see “SendSafelyLightning”
  4. Drag SendSafelyLightning to the record page. We recommend running within the left or right sidebar of your Lightning Case Record Page

SF2v3.pngLightning Record page with SendSafelyLightning component dragged onto it


Setup SendSafely Lightning Quick Action Component

This component allows uploading files to SendSafely and associating them with the current Salesforce Case object from within the Salesforce Service Cloud interface. The standard Salesforce Chatter object, which includes the Publisher and Feed, is required to run the  SendSafely Lightning Quick Action component. The Chatter Publisher exposes the user-interface for the file upload functionality, and the Chatter feed displays the SendSafely secure links to uploaded files.

Setup Steps:

  1. If not already present, drag the Salesforce Chatter object object onto the Lightning record page.
  2. Click Save button. Make sure that your record page is activated for use within your Salesforce Service Cloud application.

At this point, your Lightning record page should look similar to the following:SF3v2.pngLightning Record page with Salesforce Chatter component dragged onto it

Setup Steps (cont.):

  1. Navigate to Quick Find box -> Case -> Page Layouts
  2. Edit Page Layout that will run the SendSafely Lightning Quick Action component
  3. Drag “SendSafely” from “Mobile & Lightning Actions” to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions.
  4. Click the Save button


Case Page Layout with Salesforce Quick Action

Once complete, and viewing Case record page within Service  Cloud, the SendSafely components should look similar to the following:

SF5v2.pngLightning Case record page within Service Cloud showing both SendSafely download and upload components installed and running


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