Release Notes by Version (Outlook Plugin)

Follow - MSI Release

  • Port of v1.1.0.70 to MSI - ClickOnce Release

  • Adds "Other" option to the country code drop down list when configuring recipient SMS verification
  • Adds support for handling user registrations when a SendSafely enterprise organization requires Two-Step authentication - MSI Release

  • Port of v1.1.0.68 to MSI - ClickOnce Release

  • Starting with this release, BCC recipients are no longer added to outbound items to support the SendSafely portal "Reply All" option - MSI Release

  • Port of v1.1.0.66 to MSI
  • Starting with this release, the MSI installers are now signed using SHA-256 - ClickOnce Release

  • Adds support for a configuration property (ForceAttachmentLinking) that can be used to resolve issues when attaching large files from a network drive - MSI Release (32-bit only)

  • Addresses a bug within the 32-bit installer when installing on shared environments - MSI Release

  • Port of v1.1.0.62 to MSI - ClickOnce Release

  • Addresses an issue related to unnecessary user prompts when there are embedded attachments (images) within the message - ClickOnce Release

  • Addresses a potential temp file locking issue that would result in unhandled exceptions when sending SendSafely messages - MSI Release

  • Port of v1.1.0.57 to MSI - ClickOnce Release

  • Adds support for using a SendSafely API Key & Secret as the Username & Password when configuring the plug-in. - ClickOnce Release

  • Addresses an issue where certain high-bit character sets were not being encoded properly within SendSafely secure messages - ClickOnce Release

  • Addresses a bug affecting EU customers that have a SendSafely custom domain and use SSO for authentication 
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