Is SendSafely Better than my Secure Email System?


This is a great question.  Without knowing much about your company’s platform, it’s hard to say...but our platform is alot different than most of the ones out there.  Here’s what normally separates us from the pack

True End-to-End Privacy

If you haven’t already noticed, our solution does more than simply encrypt files when they’re in transit and when they are stored.   Our system is specifically designed to reduce the level of trust you need to have in all the intermediary parties involved in getting a file from one place to the next.  It’s designed so that only the person sending and receiving the files have the ability to view them.  Even if someone compromises the server, there’s still no direct way for them to read files.   

Hosted Cloud Platform

We certainly aren’t the only cloud hosted file exchange platform these days, but we think we are the most secure one.  Aside from our patent pending file encryption technology, you get all the benefits of the Software as-a Service model without many of the security concerns.

Our platform runs entirely on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, which means you get super fast upload and download speeds, nothing to install or maintain, no up-front setup costs and unlimited scalability.  

No more storing passwords or password sharing

We have several authentication options that move away from hard to remember passwords.  For corporate users, we offer Single Sign-On integration and integration with Google Apps for Business (Both of these are coming down the pipeline.. so no support currently).  For individual users, we support OpenId to widely used authentication providers like Google.  

When users retrieve files, they don’t have to register with us or create a new username or password.  We authenticate them on-the-fly using a one-time verification code that gets sent to their email address or mobile phone.  

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